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The Fuck Ups is a band from Oslo (Norway) that plays Punk-rock and Oi!

We do not give you the perfect sound-experience, but: tight, fast sound and
party! (None of us are exactly any good musicans...)

At our gigs, we want the audience to have fun. Therefor we often dresses up
more or like fools. We are not afraid of making "fuck ups" at the stage!
(That's the reason for our name...)

We have also performed under the pseudonym "Jahn Rågers". (Oslo Pønk-
råkk festival). Then we're just playing covers! (Some times even Fuck Ups-
covers too...).

I'm sorry to say; the audience is often a bit "sleepy"; They do not show us that they're having fun. Thats why we don't want to have gigs that often...
So, if You want us to have gigs more often: SHOW IT TO US!

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What's up:

We have been "on ice" since 1999, but we are thinking of giving out
our own compilasian-cd. We will probably put together the stuff we
already have given out on vinyl, with all the other stuff we have recorded.
Then we might have a gig or two in connection with that. ;-)

31/12-1999 (New Years Eve):

Other things:
Maby You missed this?:

18/12-1999: Oslo Skins julebloot at Caven with a.o. Templars.
13/08-1999: 10 years-jubilee with the "Fake Females" at Garbo.

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You may also read about our records, the band-members, and download
some RealAudio.

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I am not selling anything!

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Hit Me Records


Knockout Records

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